Strengthen the cooperative mindset in the music sector for Local Development

A Wazo Coop project co-funded by MusicAIRE in the framework of the Creative Europe action Music Moves Europe
About the project

Culture has always been advancing efforts to promote inclusion and creating economic justice playing an important role in local development.

However, the existing vulnerabilities of the music sector have been further exacerbated with the COVID-19 pandemic and require effective solutions to ensure their resilience.

What we Purposes


European Music Cooperator

Definition of a new professional role in music: The European music cooperator performed by music professional who work in conjunction with community-level stakeholders for the promotion of a common end)


To enable music professionals to gain new skills in cooperation and SSE to allow sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work in the music sector

Sustainable Development

Reinforce the contribution of the music sector to the three dimensions of sustainable development (social, economic and environmental) in local, regional and rural areas. in cooperation with community-level stakeholders.

Cooperation in Music

Just and resilient recovery

Wazo Coop proposes Music4Coop to strengthen the cooperative mindset in the music sector for local development. It is based on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) which is an ethical approach to economic development based in cooperation that prioritises the welfare of people and planet fostering diversity, gender equality, social cohesion…

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Who we are

Wazo Coop

Wazo Coop  is a non-profit social cooperative working with Social Solidarity Economy and Creative Cultural Industries to generate positive impact in rural areas and social cohesion.

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