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European Music Cooperators Manifesto

The European Music Cooperators Manifesto was launched in Cáceres, Spain, on 10 November 2023 as part of the Music4Coop Fest, which brought together 20 aspiring


New professional role: European Music Cooperator

Arts and culture have always been at the forefront of systemic change, advancing efforts to promoteinclusion and creating economic and racial justice (Linares and Woolard,


Why music4coop

Music sector faces many difficulties in being sustainable after COVID-19 pandemics and Music4Coop fosters social innovation by creating more resilient new cooperative professional roles based


Who we are

Wazo Coop is a non-profit social cooperative working with Social Solidarity Economy and Creative Cultural Industries to generate positive impact in rural areas. Wazo Coop


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Culture has always been advancing efforts to promote inclusion and creating economic justice playing an important role in local development. However, the existing vulnerabilities of