Blueprint for European Music Cooperators



Introducing the Blueprint for European Music Cooperators

Welcome to a pivotal movement in the music sector — the «Blueprint for European Music Cooperators.» This document is a cornerstone of the Music4Coop project, an initiative led by Wazo Coop that is reshaping the European music landscape through cooperative principles and sustainable development.

Music4Coop, co-funded by Musicaire and the Music Moves Europe initiative of the European Union, endeavors to fortify the cooperative mindset within the music industry, particularly focusing on local development. Our mission is to provide innovative training experiences for music professionals, equipping them with skills in cooperation and the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).


What the Blueprint Offers

The Blueprint for European Music Cooperators presents a comprehensive strategy for European music professionals. It addresses systemic challenges, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, and outlines a commitment to the SSE principles. The document focuses on sustainable local development, economic and organizational sustainability, and culminates in the European Music Cooperators Manifesto. 

This blueprint is a call to action, embodying a commitment to promote sustainable development through innovative, cooperative, and culturally enriching initiatives.

Empowerment through Music and Cooperation

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