Join the Cooperative Music Revolution in Europe with Music4Coop!

Wazo Coop, a leading institution in the field of cooperative endeavours, is pleased to announce a forthcoming call for applications as a central component of the esteemed Music4Coop project. As a selected project within the prestigious Musicaire programme, an initiative supported by the European Union’s Music Moves Europe agenda, Music4Coop embodies a dual purpose of paramount importance.

First and foremost, this initiative aims to improve labour market conditions in the music sector through the progressive integration of social and solidarity economy principles into an innovative upskilling paradigm. It also seeks to cultivate dynamic cooperations that pave the way for sustainable development within local communities across Europe. At its core, Music4Coop envisions a pioneering role for music professionals as European music cooperatives, committed to orchestrating local development in unison with community stakeholders. This strategic endeavour encompasses a number of objectives, ranging from the definition of this pioneering professional archetype to the design and implementation of a comprehensive training pathway.

In this spirit of shared progress and harmonious cooperation, Wazo Coop is pleased to announce an exceptional opportunity. Wazo Coop is pleased to present a three-day cooperative immersion experience in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Cáceres, Spain, on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November 2023. Designed exclusively for aspiring European Music Cooperators, this event promises to be a transformative journey of knowledge sharing, skill building and deep connection. As part of our meticulous selection process, we are launching a call for applications, inviting professionals who are passionate about shaping the future of the music industry through cooperation.

More information about the call:

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