Introducing Music4Coop Fest: Cáceres, the New Cooperative Music Epicentre of Europe.

Music has the power to bring people together, transcend borders and create harmony in diversity. In this spirit, Wazo Coop, a leading institution in the field of social economy, is proud to present the Music4Coop Fest. This festival, which will take place from 8 to 10 November 2023 in Cáceres, promises to be an unprecedented event in the European music and cooperative scene.

What is Music4Coop?

Before getting into the details of the festival, it is essential to understand the project behind it. Music4Coop’s main objective is to strengthen the cooperative mentality in the music sector, promoting local development. This noble cause has been recognised and awarded in the second call of the Musicaire programme, funded by the European Commission within Creative Europe’s Music Moves Europe action.

Music4Coop Fest: A Celebration of Music and Cooperation

For three days, Cáceres will be transformed into a vibrant cultural and cooperative epicentre. The festival will offer a variety of activities, from specialised social economy trainings to social music concerts. Attendees will be able to enjoy exhibitions that reflect the cooperative essence of the project, hackathons full of innovation and creativity, and think tanks that encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences.

A highlight of the festival is the formation of «European Music Cooperators». Wazo Coop will invite 20 music professionals from all over Europe to be trained in this programme. These professionals, who come from countries such as Italy, Belgium, Hungary, among others, will connect Cáceres with various European cities and towns, strengthening the music cooperative network.

Cooperating Organisations

The success of an event of this magnitude would not be possible without the cooperation of various organisations. In addition to Cáceres City Council, Music4Coop Fest is supported by the Association of Creative and Cultural Industries of Extremadura, Museo Vostell Malpartida, the Official College of Architects of Extremadura (COADE), the Coworking Space ConPartes, the Ateneo de Cáceres and Toc Toc Eventos and many others.

Music4Coop Fest is more than a festival; it is a celebration of music, cooperation and local development. Through this initiative, Wazo Coop seeks to reaffirm its commitment to culture and cooperation, using music as a tool for transformation and connection.

Get ready, Europe, because Cáceres is ready to resonate with the melodies of cooperation!

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