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Day 1 Resume Music4coop FEST


🌅🎶 We kicked off #Music4CoopFest in the heart of Cáceres with a day full of inspiration and connection. From dawn, we witnessed how music can be a force for social good, and each session took us deeper into the adventure of cultural cooperation.

1️⃣ During the Capacity Building Sessions, we shared ideas, learned from each other, and strengthened our community of change through musical innovation.

2️⃣ The ‘Social Music’ Exhibition was a visual and auditory journey that demonstrated the impact of music beyond the stage and concert hall. The exhibition showed us the elegance of music with a purpose.

3️⃣ In #CoopStories, passion and history came alive with personal stories, including the cutting-edge trajectory of the Museo Vostell Malpartida’s Ciclo de Música Contemporánea.

🤝 Finally, each person who shared their story in #MusicCooperator wove a web of united melodies, reinforcing our collaborative mission.

We bid farewell with the streets of Cáceres resounding with new harmonies and the promise of more enriching experiences tomorrow. May today’s chords inspire our dreams tonight! #SeeYouTomorrow #CáceresCultural


Day 2 Resume Music4coop FEST

🌟🎶 Reflecting on an Extraordinary Day at Music4Coop Fest 🎶🌟

What an incredible journey we experienced at Music4Coop Fest!

🚀 Morning Adventures: We kicked off with an inspiring tour of Garaje 2.0, thanks to the Caceres Tourism Office. We delved into the history and art that make this place so special.

🏛️ Meaningful Talks: Next, Raquel Preciados and Amparo Fernández from the Caceres City Council took us on a journey through time, unveiling the treasures of our beloved city’s heritage. Each word was a reminder of the priceless value of our culture and history.

🎤 Voices That Inspire: We listened to the enriching experiences of European Music Cooperators, whose personal and professional stories resonate with our mission at Music4Coop to unite and empower through music.

🔥 Innovation in Action: In the afternoon, our hackathon charged the atmosphere with energy. Divided into teams, our aspiring music cooperators brought to life projects that blend music, cooperation, and cultural heritage, revitalizing emblematic spaces like Embarcadero and Garaje 2.0.

🤝 United by Music and Heritage: This day was not only a testament to the power of music and cooperation but also a tribute to our cultural heritage. Together, we are writing a new chapter in the history of music and cooperation.

Let’s move forward, celebrating and preserving our heritage through music and cooperation! 


Day 3 Resume Music4coop FEST

At the #Music4Coop Think Tank, we explored the theme of ‘Music for Sustainable Rural Heritage’ 🎵🌿. It was an extraordinary gathering of brilliant minds, brainstorming visionary ideas for a sustainable future.

Our passionate music cooperators engaged with local stakeholders 🤝, sharing perspectives and insights. A pivotal moment was the collaborative effort where four cooperatives, initially formed during our Hackathon, joined forces with these stakeholders. Their ambitious mission? To form European cooperation consortia that champion sustainable rural heritage through music 🌐🎶.

The day transitioned into the #Music4CoopFest Social Music Concert 🎹🎻, a celebration of connection and cooperation through melodies. The concert featured Marta Lozano Molano’s compositions, beautifully interpreted by Carmen Agúndez Oso (cello), Eduardo Sánchez Calderón (piano), and Raquel Otero Vaughan (violin).

Highlighting our commitment to sustainable rural development, the Music4Coop Manifesto was proclaimed 📜✨, setting a path for future musical cooperation.

The event concluded with the Coopetizers! 🥂🍽️ A networking session with appetizers, embodying the spirit of community and collaboration at 

Here’s to music, cooperation, and nurturing our shared heritage!

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