Who we are

Wazo Coop is a non-profit social cooperative working with Social Solidarity Economy and Creative Cultural Industries to generate positive impact in rural areas. Wazo Coop is a jointly owned and democratically managed organisation that works on the empowerment and leadership of residents of rural areas by promoting inspiring strong role models to lead local communities.

Being also social publishing house (Wazo Magazine, Wazo Books) Wazo Coop works with Social Solidarity Economy and Creative Cultural Industries as a tool for social cohesion and rural development and it is fully engaged with programmes related to support Music sector development: Social Music (composition and piano method for value education in youth), Wazo Singers (youth chorus focused in music and cooperation), EU SMART Composer (E+ project about cooperative entrepreneurship in music), Composer Boost (upskilling composers in creativity and cooperation) and Modernatorio (employability for music students).

You can know more about our work in www.wazo.coop or in our social networks.

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