Why music4coop

Music sector faces many difficulties in being sustainable after COVID-19 pandemics and Music4Coop fosters social innovation by creating more resilient new cooperative professional roles based in Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in music which directly contributes to sustainable development.

The innovation lies in the approach to sustainability of the music sector through cooperation and SSE: Economic sustainability (balancing economic growth with equal distribution of revenues), organisational sustainability (promoting enterprise development and workers development), Social sustainability (cooperating for participation and community/territory engagement) and Music Sustainability (building relationships with audiences, ensuring their participation but also increasing access to culture through diverse tools).

In the short term, a set of music professionals will be immediately able to advance rights at work, improve the quality of their jobs, and ensure access to social protection. In the medium term, the role of the music sector as driver of local and regional development will be endorsed by cooperative practices equally beneficial for the music sector and communities. In the long term European music cooperators will play a critical role in economic growth and innovation at local level fostering sustainable jobs in music and societal harmony. Music4Coop will build new channels for cooperation between European music cooperators and Community-level stakeholders in several territories around Europe.

The target groups are:
1) Aspiring European music cooperators: music professionals such as composers,performers, educators, cultural managers… who develop their professional career in public and private music institutions (orchestras, conservatories, SMEs, universities…) established in the 27 EU Member States
2) Community-level stakeholders such as civil society organizations, local authorities, local business, community workers, schools… aiming to support the sustainable development of their territories, established in Extremadura, a rural region of Spain facing many challenges related to unemployment, depopulation and vulnerable groups.

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